Best bed Risers 2018

Bed lifters are good tool for bed boost and maximize the space in your room by using one of these top bed lifter varieties.

top 10 bed risers for home. buyfore discover the most unique and strong bed risers.

Risers for bed height are excellent tools for those who struggle with bed frames that are too low, as well as for consumers with medical conditions such as rest apnea and symptoms of heartburn. Risers the bed, whether partially or well, can provide enormous relief from indications while increasing comfort phases. And these handy elements aren’t just for use with wood beds—they contribute inches to types of furniture to make life faster and easier for wheelchair users, taller people, and those who find bending over difficult. Here I will discuss the best bed risers you can get.

Advantages of Risers for Bed Height
Customizing the height of your bed, favorite couch, and other furniture can make an impressive difference in your life. Here are just a few best thing about using bed lifter.

Greater Quantities of Comfort
Many people mull over top bed risers to be an essential product for an adaptable living. Older adults and tall people who struggle to get in and so out of beds and off the kitchen table may find furniture risers to be the answer to their problems.
Bed lifter isn’t the only very simple product to make functional life simpler. Here I will discuss six independent living, in turn, make every single day tasks easier.
Besides, risers can be added to desks, tables, and benches to make a more ergonomically fully optimized workstation. They also work brilliantly under your tables to provide added legroom for those of you in wheelchairs.

Relief from Medical Conditions
Often, it’s necessary to raise certain parts of the wood bed to aid recovery from injury and illness or to relieve the symptoms of medical conditions.
For example, consumers with sleep apnea, chronic heavy snoring, acid reflux problems, and hiatal hernias will benefit from incorporating risers under the head of the home bed. Anyone who is implementing the RICE protocol for damages to the lower body—which normally requires elevation of the affected limb above heart level—should exercise risers at the in paying off the bed.
Any time following the RICE protocol, don’t forget to use a high-quality ice bring along and to place a bath towel or t-shirt between the cold pack and your skin color. Keep an eye the best ice packs for damages here.
Easy Storeroom and Cleaning
Exercise risers for bed height to create additional under bed safekeeping. By securely working out with the bed frame, you’ll be able to cover away off-season clothing, prints, and more.
Top Raised furniture moreover produces cleaning underneath a whole lot easier—and it’s suited to consumers with robot vacuums.
Factors to Consider when purchasing Bed Risers
Whether you’re shopping for the best bed risers 2018 for queen things, king things, or twin beds, be sure you have the following factors in mind.

Risers for beds are available in plastic, hardwood, and metal—with each information bringing its own set of pros and cons.
Wooden looks good, forms in with other wooden furniture, which is extremely stable. Even so, it can be of great cost and can find damaged in the long run. Durable plastic is mostly well-priced and sturdy, even so, it can seek of place in some rooms. Aluminum is very dependable and is often mistaken for the creative bedposts, but it can tarnish in the long run or may damage some wooden floors.
When choosing a type of lifter for your bed, continuously check to find out when you simply sit the home bed leg on the top of the riser or perhaps if you must remove the current feet before screwing the extra wide risers into the bed source.

To ensure a perfect fit, it’s important to learn the correct capacities for your particular piece of furniture or to check those body measurements against the risersspecifications. When contemplating bed riser length, remember that the considerably more you home raise a large chunk of furniture, then a smaller amount stable it is likely to become.

Number of Risers in Set
Risers for beds generally come in sets of 4. Stackable risers often come in sets of 8, which gives you the option to bundle the small risers on top of the bigger ones.
Realize that a bit of appliance of furniture—such as long sofas and large beds—may require six or longer risers to adequately support the center. As a result, you may need to purchase an additional set.

Weight Capacity
When choosing risers for your bed, compare the offered total weight capacity. Take into consideration the weight of home furniture, and account for the weights of them who is occupying it. Some sets of risers quote their heaviness capacity per riser, whilst others indicate the heaviness limit per set.
For greater degrees of safety and then assistance, exercise a good set of bed rails along with your bed risers. Here I will discuss the best bed rails out there.

Best extra wide Risers for Bed
For those of you with reduced portability, handful risers for bed height might make life quicker. The best equipment risers help you get inside and up out of wooden bed, increase legroom under tables, and reduce back put tension to when sitting at a desk. home depot bed lifter can even be used to enhance recovery periods and minimize the discomforts associated with an assortment of common health complaints. As an added bonus, they have hidden storage space and comfortable access for cleaning.


Product Title

Check Price

1 Adjustable Bed Risers 10 Inch Twin Set
2  Home-it Adjustable Bed 
3  Wood Bed Risers lift Table furniture
4  Bed Risers by Vive (5 & 3 Inch) 
5 Raise Its – Clear Furniture Risers (8 Pack) 
6  Honey-Can-Do STO-01876 Bed Risers
7 Bed Risers, Adjustable Heavy Duty, 8 Piece Set
8  Brown Adjustable Bed or Furniture Riser to 8, 5 or 3 Inches
9 Slipstick CB654 2 Inch Lift Furniture 
10 Greenco Super Strong Bed and Furniture Riser


1.Adjustable Bed Risers 10 Inch Twin Set of 6

Adjustable Bed Risers 10 Inch Twin Set of 6


Wide-ranging Bedlegs’ flexible whit bed risers for box spring beds are easy to screw into place, creating up to 35 cubic feet of storage space under your own bed. With a patented glide structure and constructed from a high-impact tolerant material, these risers are simple to install and are virtually indestructible. They’re included in varying sizes and proportions to suit twin beds, queen beds, and important beds and most saleable in 2018.

Space: 35 cubic feet of height space below the bed.

Frame: Frame of risers at least 2 3/4 inches to stand properly.

Flexible: Fits easy to any size of bed plus a heart shaped and odd sizes lifter.

Moving: Easy rotation of box spring with bed and flexible bed risers

Material: Prepared from High influence polypropylene making it almost indestructible with white color.

Product information

Package Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 7 inches

Item Weight: 5 pounds

Shipping Weight: 5 pounds

Manufacturer: Universal Bedlegs Inc.


Item model number: 100632

Customer Reviews: 

  • discreet bed risers of 2018 and also very Tasteful risers
  • Flexible sixe
  • Tough and long-lasting
  • Box spring must be at least 2.75 inch









2. Home-it Adjustable Bed Risers or Furniture Riser bed lifts in Heights of 8, 5 or 3 Inches Heavy Duty Set of 4 bed riser

Home-it Adjustable Bed Risers or Furniture Riser bed lifts in Heights of 8, 5 or 3 Inches Heavy Duty Set of 4 bed riser


These types of bestselling extra wide bed risers are a strong option, helping weights of more than 1,300 pounds. With each individual set comprising four sizable and four small lifter cups that are stacked, you can still customize the architecture. The recessed section of each riser effectively accommodates the bed leg or caster, so there’s not any risk of slippage.

Customizable: Extra 8″ High Additional 5″ High or Additional 3″ High, the inaugural is 3″ X 3″ X 3/4″ deep

Safely: Provision a Total of awake to 1,300 Pounds and don’t Scratch or Dent Hardwood Floors

Lifters: Caster fits and best bed lifter for safely and securely into the rest cup built into the bed riser Adaptable

Space: Bed Riser System Instantly Creates Additional Under home depot Bed Storage

Frame: Frame of bed riser’s High quality and this bed lift countless idea for storage under the bed and price. 

Product information

Package Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 5 inches

Item Weight: 5 pounds

Shipping Weight: 5.2 pounds

Manufacturer: Home-it

ASIN: B00MH74S16

Item model number: yv0001

Customer Reviews:  

  • 1,300 lbs support
  • Group of 8 risers and its very affordable package.
  • dent wooden floors
  • Bed Moving are very difficult.











These include high-quality, strong, and stylish solid wooden bed risers of 2018 for casters and standard sides. Featuring an additional two and a quarter inches of height, the set of four mahogany bed risers is ideal for adding under-bed storeroom. Purchase one additional collection and stack to them for additional inches. This lifter effortless to install, most of these subtle holds resemble original bed legs. They can also stand for sofas, dining tables, television stands, etc.

  • Internal Dimensions: 2.8″ x 2.8″ x 0.8″
  • External Dimensions: 4.25 x 4.25″ x 3.43″

Product information

Package Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4 inches

Item Weight: 3.75 pounds

Shipping Weight: 5 pounds

Manufacturer: Richards Homewares


Item model number: 5980-4

Customer Reviews: 

  • New Stylish, strong wooden risers of 2018
  • Quality of risers martial are very good and durable
  • flexible

This riser’s height are not ideal for looking dramatic increases in bed height.









4. Bed Risers by Vive (5 and 3 inch) Furniture Frame Lift Stilts for College Dorms Rooms - Heavy Duty Leg Extension Elevator - Stackable Platform Blocks for Couch, Chair and Bunk Bedpost (12 Pack, Black)

Bed Risers by Vive (5 and 3 inch) Furniture Frame Lift Stilts for College Dorms Rooms - Heavy Duty Leg Extension Elevator - Stackable Platform Blocks for Couch, Chair and Bunk Bedpost (12 Pack, Black)


Vive’s risers for furnishings can often personalize the height of home depot beds, sofas, desks, and chairs. With each set consisting of twelve risers in two different heights (five inches and three inches), these nonslip bed risers often are stacked to add another eight inch in length. The extracted plastic type ensures the risers are the two dependable and safe—supporting weighs about 1,760 pounds and causing no damage to carpets or real wood floors.


Bed Risers by Vive: Vive Company of bed risers allow the height of all piece of furniture to be attuned for improved mobility. The non-skid, stackable risers are harmless on any flat floor surface counting carpet and hardwood floors.

Customizable:  Bed height very easy to customize, sofas, and chairs to house those who have difficulties when sedentary or increasing. Extra wide Bed risers are faultless for adjusting equipment height to aid pensioners and the elderly.

Unique Design: This riser is involved in two heights: “5 and 3” risers. The unique bed risers are effortlessly stackable to consent the furniture to be raised a full eight creeps if desired.

Safe: Durable precast plastic bed lifter provision up to 1760 pounds. Safe to use on all floor types.

What’s Included:

  • Four -5” Vive bed risers
  • Eight – 8” Vive bed risers

Product information

Package Dimensions: 15.4 x 11.7 x 7.6 inches

Item Weight:  6.7 pounds

Shipping Weight: 5 pounds

Manufacturer: Vive Health

Item model number: 5980-4

Customer Reviews: 

  • Tremendously durable and strong risers and also comfprtable
  • Height of risers support 1,760 lbs
  • 2-month guarantee
  • Risers stacked small
















5. Raise Its - Clear Furniture Risers (8 Pack) - Set of two 8-packs

Raise Its - Clear Furniture Risers (8 Pack) - Set of two 8-packs


Most of these sturdy and unobtrusive bed risers 2018 are manufactured from durable, clear plastic with an interlocking benefit for further stability when stacked. Measuring one inch tall and supporting 600 pounds per support, they add a subtle lift to your furniture to help you enjoy more storage and enhanced ergonomics. The set comprises of eight risers.

Space: Bed Raises for extra underbid Storage.

Moisture Problem: Raise stored boxes to save the prevent

Reflux symptoms: Raise reduce the acid reflux symptoms and also help with drainage and aeration

Static: Raise computer CPU’s off of floor to make barrier and furniture for wheelchair convenience

Look: Raise collectibles or displays for professional look and work bleachers to the right height

Slip-covers: Raise portion trays when enjoyable and sofas to fit slip-covers

Raise height: Its are 4″ x 4″ and 1″ in height (each) / No Tools Required – Holds Up To 600 lbs Each

Size: 16 Pack = 1 Bed 4″ Higher / or / 2 Beds 2″ Higher / or / 4 beds 1″ higher

Product information

Package Dimensions: 10.2 x 8.5 x 6.6 inches

Item Weight: 3.22 pounds

Shipping Weight: 3.22 pounds

Manufacturer: Headwind Consumer Products


Item model number: 820-0544-S

Customer Reviews: 


  • Good material and meshing feature
  • Quality of plastic material very discreet
  • Nonslip
  • Difficult to move furniture risers









6. Honey-Can-Do STO-01876 Bed Risers, 4-Pack, White

Honey-Can-Do STO-01876 Bed Risers, 4-Pack, White

Including an additional 7 along with a half inch to your bed, the Honey-Can-Do risers are made from long-lasting, impact-resistant plastic. Suitable for use on nearly every method of bed, they support 300 unwanted weight per home depot riser. With a one-inch lip for additional security, they match bedposts gauging up to two and three-quarter inches. For easy storage, the group of 4 risers can be stacked together whenever not in use.

  • 7.5-inch of height to your bed after standing home depot risers
  • Make the risers in plastic polymer durable
  • Maybe suitably used on almost any kind of bed, includes 1-inch lip to save bed post or caster firmly in place
  • 300-pound volume per bed riser fits awake to 2.75-inch bed pole

Product information

Package Dimensions:  6.5 x 6.5 x 10.2 inches

Item Weight: 2.15 pounds

Shipping Weight: 2.15 pounds

Manufacturer: Honey-Can-Do

ASIN: B0086S76UU

Item model number: STO-01876

Customer Reviews: 


  • Enhance a substantial quantity of tallness to the bed
  • Complete from tough, robust good material
  • Provision 300 lbs apiece riser
  • Not striking or inconspicuous risers on the  arcade












7.Bed Risers, Adjustable Heavy Duty, 8 Piece Set, 3 or 5 or 8 Inches Tall with Multi Height Function, for Any Bed Frame/Furniture / Table Riser & Lifts/College /Dorm/Room Accessories. by Katzco

Bed Risers, Adjustable Heavy Duty, 8 Piece Set, 3 or 5 or 8 Inches Tall with Multi Height Function, for Any Bed Frame/Furniture / Table Riser & Lifts/College /Dorm/Room Accessories. by Katzco

Adjust the size of your trusty bed, sofa, or table by 3, 5, or 8 inch with the Katzco bed risers. Made of high-quality, solid plastic, this eight-piece group supports weights of up to 1,200 lbs. The recessed walls ensure your bed won’t slide or autumn off the lifter, even though the sleek underside is harmless utilized on hard wood floors. The risers are made for bedposts with a maximum diameter of two and 3 quarter inch.

Product information

Package Dimensions:  8 x 14 x 8 inches

Item Weight: 5.1 pounds

Shipping Weight: 5.1 pounds

Manufacturer: Kayco USA


Item model number: kz-risr

Customer Reviews: 


  • 3 heights of your selection
  • Very easy to use and handle
  • Safe for too height floor types, with hardwood
  • Big and obvious when used below sofas and small table












8. Brown Adjustable Bed or Furniture Riser to 8, 5 or 3 Inches in Height, Heavy Duty, Set of 4 by Home & Garden Aids

Brown Adjustable Bed or Furniture Riser to 8, 5 or 3 Inches in Height, Heavy Duty, Set of 4 by Home & Garden Aids

This group of 8 risers includes four 3 inch risers and 4 to 5 inch risers. Customize the height of pieces of furniture by incorporating an additional 3, 5, or 8 inch. The risers are factory-tested to withstand loads of 1,000 pounds per group and are additionally suitable for elevating tables, sofas, boxes of drawers, and other furniture. Recessed cups, polypropylene plastic fabrication, and easily smooth undersides be sure that most of these bed risers are durable, well-built, and safe.

Product information

Package Dimensions:  6.5 x 6.5 x 15 inches

Item Weight: 3.85 pounds

Shipping Weight: 3.85 pounds

Manufacturer: Home & Garden Aids


Item model number: SYNCHKG107323

Customer Reviews: 


  • Test in organization and hold 1,000 lbs per collection
  • Beautiful color blends and also furniture wood more two colors risers
  • 100% guarantee of quality
  • Risers stacked small size











 9. Slipstick CB654 2 Inch Lift Furniture Risers / Bed Risers, Adds 2" Height to Heavy Furniture or Beds (Set of 4) Supports 2,000 lbs

Slipstick CB654 2 Inch Lift Furniture Risers / Bed Risers, Adds 2" Height to Heavy Furniture or Beds (Set of 4) Supports 2,000 lbs

This well-known and high-value group of white risers are able to support up to 2,000 pounds per pair. They’re ideal for using with beds, sofas, seats, and desks—adding another two inches in height. Features can include a recessed holder cup and a memory foam cushion pad to safely locks legs and caster alloy wheels in place.


Product information

Package Dimensions:  5.2 x 5.2 x 2.8 inches

Item Weight: 11.2 ounces

Shipping Weight: 11.2 ounces

Manufacturer: Honey-Can-Do


Item model number: CB654

Customer Reviews: 


  • Normal Price choice with white color
  • nonslip padding and also increases stability of risers
  • Awesome color collection according furniture
  • Risers quality is not good under pieces












Most of these risers for sofas and beds create an additional 5 and a quarter inch of height under even the a large amount heavy duty furniture. Constructed from unbreakable clear plastic, they may assist up to 1,200 pounds per set. A three-quarter-inch raised edge makes bedposts or casters securely set. While not in use, the risers can be stacked for easy storage rack.

Product information

Package Dimensions:  6.8 x 6.8 x 10.5 inches

Item Weight: 8.5 ounces

Shipping Weight: 8.5 ounces

Manufacturer: Greenco


Item model number: GRC0086A

Customer Reviews: 


  • Provision 1,200 lbs
  • Make with very high quality durable plastic
  • No choice to stack risers









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